Program Director’s Message

Welcome to the Mohawk Valley Health System Family Medicine Residency!  As an ACGME-accredited program with Osteopathic Recognition, we have been proudly training physicians to practice the full spectrum of Family Medicine in an ever-changing health care environment since 1975.

Our mission is to prepare our residents to provide personalized, high-quality care to our communities across the Mohawk Valley, with compassion and respect for the dignity of all.

Our program provides comprehensive interdisciplinary education in Family Medicine through our broad curriculum, extensive rotation experiences, and diverse and committed faculty.  Residents will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, including our newly-constructed Wynn Hospital in downtown Utica, our integrated Epic EHR system, as well as our Simulation Center to promote hands-on experiential learning.

Based in the Sister Rose Vincent Family Medicine Center, we are located within blocks of Utica’s refugee resettlement center.  Our residents care for patients from all over the world, with a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and a multitude of medical conditions.  In-person translation services are a priority, with an in-house Language Assistance Department providing support (there are as many as 30 different languages spoken in our clinic per recent data!).

We are seeking residents who are committed to serving our diverse patient population, with a particular emphasis on the medically underserved and the most vulnerable.  Our community-based training fosters a supportive environment where future generations of Family Physicians are prepared to serve the community with social responsibility to improve health, foster wellness, and improve access to healthcare.  

We are looking forward to partnering with you on your journey towards becoming a superbly-trained, successful, board-certified Family Physician!

T. Eric Schackow, MD, PhD