Price Transparency Estimate Tool and 300 Shoppable Procedures

The link below is a price transparency estimate tool that allows patients to search up to 300 shoppable procedures for both Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center. It’s an easy step by step guide that allows patients who are both insured or underinsured to receive an estimate of total charges, insurance allowable, underinsured cash discount, out of pocket, coinsurance, deductible and copay. The price transparency tool utilizes Real Time Eligibility (RTE) based on the patient’s insurance information to provide estimated patient responsibility (ie. Out of pocket, coinsurance, deductible and copay). All estimates are saved so we can assist with any additional questions. The price transparency estimate tool does not contain all insurance carriers, MVHS has provided the ability for patients to search our top insurance companies that we bill for. If an insurance carrier is not present, please reach out to our customer service team at the phone number below.

MVHS Price Transparency Estimate Tool

Price Transparency Charge Master and All Services

The two links below provide Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center charge master and all services analysis. The charge master contains all current prices for the hospital charges for MVHS. These charges reflect the gross charge and MVHS patients are not expect to pay at gross charges. All MVHS patients who do not have insurance receive a self-pay rate (ie. Cash discount). Beyond the self-pay rate, whether you have health insurance or not, you may be eligible for financial assistance in paying your hospital bills.

All services analysis provides patients insight to procedures gross charges and insurance carriers contractual allowable. The analysis also provides an unidentified minimum and maximum allowable for all insurance carriers that MVHS hold contractual agreements with.


St. Elizabeth Medical Center

MyChart Estimates Tool

Sign-up for MyChart here (! Using MyChart and the Estimates tool linked above allows patients to use self-service estimates and see historical estimates. If you have additional questions about your estimate, please call using the number found in the Customer Service section below and provide the reference number assigned.

Machine-Readable File

MVHS, Inc.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

Customer Service and Financial Assistance

If you should have any questions about the price transparency tools listed above, please reach out to our Customer Service team at 315-801-3420.

Here at MVHS, we offer Financial Assistance to patients who fall below 325% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you should have any questions in regards to Financial Assistance, please reach our Financial Assistance Specialist at 315-801-3108 or our Customer Service team at 315-801-8731.

Historical Charge Description Master

SEMC Charge Description Master 2020

FSLH Charge Description Master 2020

SEMC Charge Description Master 2019

FSLH Charge Description Master 2019