Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) MyChart allows for secure online access to your electronic medical record (EMR). Important health documentation from your doctor is stored in MyChart and patients are able to find health information such as lab results, appointment information, medications, immunizations and more. MyChart provides you with the same information your doctor sees.

MyChart Features

View Medical Information
Access your medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history. Obtain test results online to avoid waiting or a phone call or letter.​

Keep In Contact With Your Physician
Staying in touch with your physician is as simple as sending an email that is more private and secure. Request our medication renewals online.

Manage Your Appointments
Schedule and view details of your upcoming appointments online. Review details of your past appointments online.

Access Your Family’s Records
Link your family’s accounts to your account to conveniently view immunization records and schedule upcoming appointments.

MyChart is password-protected and placed on an encrypted connection so your information is safe from unauthorized access.

Renew Prescriptions
MyChart allows for you to request prescrpition refills online.

MyChart Care Companion
This function provides reminders to patients to complete tasks. This will be set up by the provider if it applies to the patient’s care.

Happy Together
Happy Together allows patients to connect their MyChart account(s) with other organizations to their MVHS MyChart. This means patients will be able to see their health information from all organizations where they have a MyChart account in one place. 

Information such as medications and allergies from outside organizations will be visible in MVHS MyChart once the MyChart accounts are connected. Patients may also be able to see test results, message providers and schedule appointments with organizations connected through MyChart – if the outside organization allows for that functionality.

Upon one week of discharge, inpatients of MVHS will be given access their medical records via MyChart.

Signing Up

Step One
In your internet browser, go to

Step Two
Click on the Sign Up Now link under where it says, “New User?” 

Step Three
Enter your MyChart Activation Code which appears at the bottom of your “After Visit Summary.” Also enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your Date of Birth as indicated and click Next. 

If you do not have an activation code or it has expired, you can get one from your MVHS Primary Care Office or look for “No Activation Code?” and click just below this on the “SIGN UP ONLINE” box. Complete all fields for your demographic information and you will be signed up based on this information. (You will have had to have some association with MVHS to be able to use this method of MyChart to sign up.) 

Step Four
On the “Choose an Username and Password” screen, choose your username, password and security question. Be sure to write them down and keep them in a secure place.

If you need assistance, call the MVHS IT Help Desk at 315-624-6990.

MyChart Mobile App

There is now be a way for you to conveniently view all of your information on your mobile device by downloading the MyChart mobile app in either the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

Note: To keep the MyChart mobile app running smoothly with the latest features, Epic has updated the minimum required operating system version for MyChart for:

  • Android to Android 9 (Patients using Android 8.x or earlier versions can continue to use the MyChart mobile app, but they are no longer able to download updates)
  • iOS from iOS 15.5 to iOS 16.2 and for MyChart on Apple Watch from WatchOS 8.0 to WatchOS 9.0. (Patients must ensure their device is running iOS 16.2 or later and/or WatchOS 9.0 or later)


MVHS patients will now have the ability to access their bills online or via the MyChart mobile app. You can sign up by visiting and using the activation code from your “After Visit Summary”. After signing up, you can also choose to receive paperless e-state­ments rather than hard copy statements. Please be aware that all hard copy statements will now look different. Here is an example of the new billing statement:

Epic Billing Example

Please be assured the MVHS remains available to answer any of your questions. For assistance during this transition, please call the help desk at 315-624-6990.