Compliance at Mohawk Valley Health System 

The Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) is committed to being the leading patient-centered medical and healing environment, employer of choice and the pride of Central New York. One of the ways to ensure this is through having an effective compliance program. This includes compliance with our mission, vision and values, and with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. The purpose of the compliance program is to prevent and detect illegal or unethical behaviors.

The processes implemented by MVHS have helped facilitate compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse and guarantee efforts in seeking to prevent and detect violations of the law by individuals representing MVHS.

The Corporate Compliance Program helps to ensure that services delivered to patients and business conducted with third party payers, employees, independent contractors, and other individuals who are representing MVHS, are done so in accordance with our mission and values.

MVHS Compliance Program

The compliance program is a system-wide program. Every individual, including but not limited to employees, providers, executives, senior administrators, managers, volunteers, contractors, independent contractors, and anyone conducting business with or representing MVHS, plays a vital role.

Compliance Forms

Code of Conduct – The Code of Conduct is a set of rules, standards and guiding principles that outline what MVHS expects from employees, leaders, vendors and those that conduct business with MVHS.

Notices of Privacy Practices (NPP) – The NPP is a notice that informs a patient about their rights and responsibilities of how Protected Health Information (PHI) may be used and/or disclosed along with how to access your medical information.

How to Report a Concern

Compliance Hotline – If you have questions or concerns you feel violate the MVHS Code of Conduct, immediately consult your supervisor, a member of leadership or the Compliance Office. You may also report compliance concerns anonymously to the anonymous Compliance Hotline.

Contact our Compliance Office:

  • Compliance Office Phone:  315-624-5146
  • Anonymous Compliance Hotline:  1-800-954-9418

Anyone who reports a compliance concern can have a reasonable expectation that their communication will be kept confidential, whether requested or not. Any form of retaliation or intimidation against an individual reporting a good faith concern is strictly prohibited.

DRA/False Claim Information – The Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005 requires healthcare entities to provide Notice to its contractors and agents. This Notice is intended to highlight certain wrongful “false claims” activity that federal and state governments have specifically targeted in the healthcare profession.