Block Schedule

Our curriculum has been designed to meet the ACGME accreditation standards and utilize the clinical strengths of the hospital faculty to produce quality trained physicians. Inpatient Medicine, Emergency Medicine and OB rotations include both day shifts and night float.  Outpatient Family Medicine blocks include continuity clinics, walk-in sessions and rotations with local medical groups in order to experience Family Medicine in a smaller office setting.

Behavioral Med2 weeks
Elective2 weeks
ER Days3 weeks 
ER Nights2 weeks
FMS 4 weeks
FMS Nights5 weeks
OB Days6 weeks
OB Nights2 weeks
Comm Med2 weeks
Peds6 weeks
HSM1 week
Surgery4 weeks
Urology2 weeks
Palliative Care2 weeks
Cardiology2 weeks
Ophthalmology1 week
Oral Health 1 week
SRV Office4 weeks
Podiatry1 week 
 TOTAL                               52


Behavioral Med2 weeks
Elective8 weeks
FMS 6 weeks
FMS Nights3 weeks
OB Nights4 weeks
Peds4 weeks
HSM1 week
Cardiology2 weeks
Dermatology1 week
Geriatrics 4 weeks
Gynecology4 weeks
ICU 4 weeks
Orthopedics2 weeks
Sports Med2 weeks
SRV Office2 weeks
SRV Walk In1 week
Outpatient FM2 weeks
TOTAL                               52



Behavioral Med2 weeks
Elective11 weeks
ER Days2 weeks
Neonatology2 weeks
FMS 5 weeks
FMS Nights4 weeks
OB Days4 weeks
Peds6 weeks
HSM2 weeks
Orthopedics4 weeks
SRV Office4 weeks
SRV Walk In 1 week
Away Elective3 weeks
ENT2 weeks
TOTAL                               52


The main didactics are held daily before clinic begins. During these sessions, residents will have protected time from clinic and rotation duties to allow for the educational experience. These sessions are led by a combination of Family Medicine faculty, Attending specialists, Senior Residents and guest lecturers.  As the Mohawk Valley Health System expands their GME offerings, residents will also have the added benefit of multidisciplinary conferences with the Attending faculty and Senior Residents of these other specialties, enhancing not only their knowledge base, but their camaraderie with other physicians within the health system.

In addition, Family Medicine based Grand Rounds are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at noon and HSM sessions are held twice a month.  First year residents are also given protected study sessions every Thursday afternoon.


Scholarly Activity

Residents are required to complete a scholarly project during their training, as well as a quality improvement initiative. While St. Elizabeth does not participate in any clinical or bench research, this scholarly project may consist of an original paper, a scholarly case report, a community-based project or an educational curriculum. Residents will present their findings to their peers during Grand Rounds.


All Family Medicine residents will be paired with a mentor that matches their interest and will have protected time for scholarly activity during various blocks. The mentor will work with the Program Director to set guidelines and due dates throughout the three years of training to ensure any and all projects are advancing at an appropriate rate.