How many residents are accepted per class?

Our program has 10 residents per class.


Do you provide housing?

While we do not provide housing, we will work with local landlords to have a certain amount of apartments reserved on a first come first serve basis for incoming residents.  All costs associated with these rentals will be the responsibility of the resident.


Are there any medical school affiliations?

The Wynn Hospital is an official clinical campuses for both Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.  As such, students from both campuses spend their 3rd year with us for their cores and are given the options to do their 4th year electives with us.  We also share select didactics, OMM workshops, board preparation seminars and have full access to their IRB.


Do you sponsor any Visas?

We do not sponsor any kind of Visas.


How many hours a week on average do residents work?

Residents work an average of 57 hours per week.


How are residents evaluated?

We have a 360 degree evaluation process whereby residents are evaluated on each of the core competencies, as required by the ACGME.


Do residents evaluate faculty?

Yes, residents complete evaluations on all rotation attendings and faculty after each rotation and once a month on all preceptors at the Family Medicine Center using anonymous evaluations online via New Innovations Residency Management Suite. You will also be evaluating your supervising residents when applicable and the program annually.


Are the attendings approachable?

Absolutely, this is one of the perks of coming to a community based program. Your education is the focus of the attendings. Another wonderful aspect is that many of our faculty actually completed residency training right here, so they come from a unique perspective of truly understanding your position, which has a positive effect on the flow of communication.


Do allopathic residents have the opportunity to learn osteopathic principles and practices?

Yes, all 1st year residents receive training on osteopathic principles and practice during dedicated monthly study sessions.


What is the application/selection process for the program?

The Mohawk Valley Health System Family Medicine Residency Program participates in the central application process organized by ERAS and the NRMP Match. Sample contracts will be available for review during the interview. For specific program eligibility, see How to apply.


Do you have a dedicated Family Medicine Center?

Yes. Our program is located within the Sister Rose Vincent Family Medicine Center, approximately 2 miles from our main hospital campus.