Accountability, Respect, Teamwork, Kindness and Safety are the values that our organization uses to fulfill our mission to deliver premier healthcare to our region, keeping our patients as the focus of all we do. Our employees are evaluated on their ability to perform their work through the lens of our values. We also recruit new members of our workforce with our values at the forefront. 

What Do These Values Mean?


We take ownership of personal and team outcomes.

  • I take ownership of my performance and learn new ways to get better results.
  • I give effective feedback and receive feedback in a positive manner.
  • I follow through on my commitments and promises.
  • I take pride in the MVHS environment and take actions for our betterment.


We treat others as we want to be treated.

  • I always consider how my actions impact the experience of others.
  • I value inclusion and embrace the rich diversity of our patients and my coworkers.
  • I create trusting and respectful relationships with my teammates.
  • I adapt my behavior when facing multiple demands so I can be at my best.


Together we are better.

  • I proactively ask for help and offer help so we can all succeed.
  • I look for opportunities to contribute to the greater good.
  • I share knowledge and resources in order to benefit others.
  • I give appreciation often and celebrate the success of others across all roles.


We ensure everyone feels cared for and cared about.

  • I act with empathy and curiosity, knowing everyone has a different story.
  • I listen respectfully to others and value their contribution.
  • I am aware of my needs and the needs of others and look for ways to support them.
  • I assume positive intent and seek to understand.


We consistently provide the highest quality of care through safe, proven practices.

  • I do the right thing always, with the patient’s best interest in mind.
  • I demonstrate the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • I proactively communicate with others, keeping patient needs top of mind.
  • I carefully follow all HRO guidelines, protocols and precautions to create a safe environment for all.