World-Class Orthopedic Care.

From orthopedic and trauma care to spinal and sports medicine treatment for kids and adults, our surgeons are with you from the start of your diagnosis through surgery, recovery and physical therapy (if needed).

The MVHS Orthopedic Group provides great care, talented teams and state-of-the-art technology. This is for You.

Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine:

  • Provides the availability to coaches and their staff at any time to answer questions regarding care or prevention
    of sports-related injuries
  • Includes x-ray technicians trained to base the amount of radiation needed on each child’s size and condition
    to keep patients’ exposure to a minimum
  • Uses a streamlined approach for diagnosing and treating fractures, sprains and strains in a child- and
    teen- friendly environment
  • Has your child’s health as our main priority and takes pride in providing safe and compassionate care.

Total Hip/Knee Replacement Surgery
Our orthopedic surgeons have extensive experience and training in total hip/knee replacement procedures, including minimally invasive treatment options.

Types of Less Invasive Hip Replacement Options
Anterior Total Hip Replacement Surgery:
Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, this technique allows the surgeon to work between the muscles and tissues without detaching them from either the hip or thigh bone. Additional benefits to patients are: fewer restrictions during recovery, reduced scarring and stability of the implant sooner after surgery.

Joint Preservation
The following practices can sometimes be used to delay or prevent joint destruction and joint replacement. Most of these can be done through minimally invasive techniques.

Hip Procedures Include:
• Hip Scope – identify and repair labral tears
• Correct snapping hip syndrome
• Cartilage transplant
• Remove loose bodies
• Synovectomy
• Reset bone spurs of acetabulum and femural head.

Knee Procedures Include:
• Cartilage preservation and transplant
• Meniscal repair
• Knee scope
• Tendon and ligament repair/reconstruction.

Shoulder Procedures Include:
• Labral repair
• Tendon/cuff repair
• Cartilage transplant.

Physical Therapy
Some orthopedic patients may need physical therapy following surgery. Our physical therapy team consists of licensed physical therapists, many of whom are doctors of physical therapy, and physical therapy assistants.