CenteringPregnancy® is prenatal care in a group setting that includes an individual health check-up with additional time and attention. You’ll have time to meet with your healthcare provider and other women who have a similar due date. The group will meet 10 times during your pregnancy.

CenteringPregnancy® is a way for you to share your experiences with other pregnant women and learn from other members of the group.

CenteringPregnancy® offers:


A group of women with similar due dates meet together in regular sessions with their healthcare provider. The group is relaxed, fun and a time for you to share and learn.


You will have time to bond with other expectant mothers and form relationships.


Each group visit lasts about two hours. We will always start and end on time. You will know when your session is well ahead of time.

Important statistics:

  • 96 percent of women surveyed prefer to receive their prenatal care in a Centering® group.
  • 33 percent of women who participate in Centering® are less likely to have a pre-term baby.
  • There is a higher rate of women who participate in breastfeeding their child.

Meeting Space

Meetings will take place on the Faxton Campus, 1675 Bennett Street, Utica.

The space will be a warm and inviting place designed to make the group feel comfortable. It will also be equipped with the necessary health tools for a check up.

What to expect from attending CenteringPregnancy®

  • Learn more about pregnancy
  • Be better prepared for birth
  • Be better prepared to care for your baby
  • Participate more in your healthcare
  • Have more time with your provider

Will I see the same provider at each visit?

Yes! You will have the same Centering provider at each visit.

Can I bring my partner or children?

Partners are encouraged to attend. However, children are not permitted at this time due to space and privacy concerns.

I already have children, do I still qualify?

Yes, the group can benefit from experienced mothers.

Will I still have to be seen in the clinic for my regular OB visits?

No, these sessions will replace your regular OB visit. However, you can still schedule appointments for acute visits if something comes up between visits.