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Maternity Services

Our Maternal Child Services welcomes more than 2,000 newborns into the world every year. 

Our services include:

Safe Sleep

Our Maternity Services units practice and promote safe sleep practices with patients, family members and caregivers.

Follow the ABCs of Safe Sleep:

Alone - Baby should sleep alone.
Back - Put baby on their back.
Crib - Put baby in a safe crib.

Find more information about Safe Sleep in this brochure from the New York State Department of Health >

Additional information for visitors and patients:

  • Visitors are reminded to wash their hands before holding the baby. A new baby’s immune system is not fully developed and they are very susceptible to germs.
  • No food is allowed in the labor room.
  • A waiting room is available for additional family and friends. For the safety and security of your family we ask that children not be left unattended in the waiting room at any time. To respect the privacy of our other patients, visitors are asked to remain in the waiting room and not in the hallways.
  • We ask that when you visit your loved one, please be respectful of our other patients. Please no sitting on clean beds or in wheelchairs, or using the bathroom in patient rooms.
  • For your convenience there is a public restroom located on the main floor of the hospital, adjacent to the Gift Shop.
  • Patient nourishment is provided solely for patients. Visitors are welcome to visit our cafeteria located on the ground floor. If you have food from home, please put the patient’s name and the date on the containers.

Additional information for patients:

  • We strongly encourage you to select your baby’s doctor (pediatrician or family practice physician) prior to labor. At the discretion of your physician, pain relief options are available. There is a Nurse Anesthetist on the unit 24 hours-a-day. Due to possible emergencies, anesthesia may not always be immediately available, but we will work to make you as comfortable as possible. Your comfort is important to us and alternative pain management may be used.
  • To protect your privacy, our staff does not give patient information over the phone with regard to patient arrival or status in labor and delivery.
  • TV and phone service are available for a daily fee. Free wireless internet is available – ask your nurse for the sign-in and password.
  • Cell phones are allowed but limited to your patient room and the family lounge. When using the phone or TV, please be respectful of the needs of your roommate. Calls are not accepted through the main switchboard after 9pm; please try to apply the same courtesy with your cell phone.

Security: Rest Assured

Our St. Luke's Campus Maternal Child Services units feature a state-of-the-art security system that helps assure your newborn is safe and sound.

Labor and delivery, post-partum and the nursery are all secured areas for the protection of you and your child. Our secured entrances may only be opened by our staff and we have surveillance cameras to monitor the unit at all times. Our staff routinely reviews our policies and conducts drills to ensure that proper procedures are followed in the event of an emergency.