MVHS Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (RNC) offers physical, occupational and speech therapy to enhance our residents’ abil­ity to participate in daily living activities. Our team of trained professional’s works together using specialized techniques and equipment to assist residents during recovery.

“This is my third operation. In my experience here I find that the staff is wonderful, the facility is clean, and the food is good. The dietitians do a great job. The staff is professional and caring. Therapy is wonderful. They really work as a team and go above and beyond taking care of your basic needs.”

The Subacute Rehabilitation team at RNC knows that recovery takes time and is dedicated to helping patients return home quickly and safely.

After a hospital stay, many patients lack the strength or support to care for themselves. For those who require less intensive therapy, a short-term stay in Subacute Rehabilitation offers a therapeutic environment for assisted recovery.

Restorative rehabilitation programs are also available. A 40-bed, subacute rehabilitation unit uses a team approach and focuses on pa­tients’ goals for becoming stronger and more functional which makes it safe to return home quickly.

You and your family are the center of our team. You are actively involved in establishing goals, participating in therapy and planning for discharge.


Our physiatrist is a physician specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation who will direct your treatment plan.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists focus on your ability to perform everyday living tasks such as dressing, bed mobility and home management skills (i.e. cooking, laundry, paying bills, etc.).

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists help you improve your ability to perform activities such as standing, walking, wheelchair mobility and training in mobility devices and braces. They help you regain strength, endurance and balance.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists treat language, memory and speech disorders that interfere with communications. Swallowing disorders are evaluated through Videofluoroscopies and other swallowing assessments at the nearby St. Luke’s or Faxton Campuses.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins as soon as the patient arrives at St. Luke’s Home. Our social worker provides support throughout the stay and concludes with a formalized plan that is presented by a registered nurse to both the patient and his/her family. This process ensures a safe and comfortable departure once therapy is completed.