Testing Resources

There are a number of other COVID-19 testing sites in our community. The NYS Department of Health website, https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/find-test-site-near-you, provides an option to search for COVID-19 testing sites by location (by zip code or address) and the kinds of tests the testing site performs (rapid vs number of days for a result).

It’s also important that everyone in our community adhere to proven safety practices to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. A reminder that everyone should wear a mask, practice social distancing (six feet away from another individual), wash their hands and avoid large, indoor gatherings.

Employee Resources

MVHS Demonstration: Proper Donning and Doffing of PPE

MVHS: PPE Donning and Doffing – Limited N95 Respirator Reuse

Centers for Disease Control: How to Safely Put on PPE, Selected Equipment: N95 and Gown

MVHS COVID-19 Response Fund

There are many ways the community can support our healthcare workers during this time. Please consider donating to the COVID-19 relief fund. The fund will be used for preparedness resources for patient care including testing, medical care and supplies as well as staff support. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, needs may increase or change.

COVID-19 Relief Fund