Through the New York State Medicaid Prenatal Care Standards, the OB Care Center can help you get the care you need for you and your baby. This program offers complete pregnancy care to women and teens who live in New York State, regardless of your ability to pay.

It’s easy to apply and receive care. Staff at the OB Care Center will review your individual circumstances and enroll you for services so you and your baby will get the medical attention you deserve. Additionally, a financial counselor is available to advise you on financial eligibility guidelines and how they affect you. Even if you have a job or have been denied Medicaid, you may still qualify.

Who can receive these services?

Women and teens living in New York State who are pregnant and meet certain income guidelines can receive complete medical care during pregnancy, delivery and for at least two months after delivery. You may be eligible even if you have health insurance.

What services do you provide?

  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Regular medical checkups throughout your pregnancy and after delivery
  • Hospital care for delivery, emergency evaluation and 24-hour care
  • Diagnostic testing as required, including voluntary HIV testing and counseling
  • Education on childbirth, baby care, infant growth and development, and parenting skills
  • Counseling and instructions on your pregnancy, nutrition, delivery and special services
  • Home health care visits, social services, educational programs, contraceptive counseling, language interpretation and support groups
  • Medical bus passes provided by Centro Bus Lines – During the last 10 days of every month, bus passes can be obtained at the Centro Bus Lines main office at the Radisson Hotel on Genesee Street in Downtown Utica

How is my bill paid?

Once you’ve applied for and been accepted to the program, all costs associated with lab work, office visits, sonograms and your delivery will be covered. Call our OB Care Center at 315-624-6241 for more information or to apply.