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MVHS Neuro-Interventional Surgery and Comprehensive Stroke Services

To us, it really is brain surgery.

As the third-largest volume Stroke Center in New York State, we know that providing advanced care in our community is important.

Since January 2009, the St. Luke’s Campus of MVHS has been the area’s Primary Designated Stroke Center and has treated more than 5,600 stroke-diagnosis patients. To be able to continue providing advanced stroke and neuro-interventional care close to home, MVHS has invested in the purchase of a new state of the art Artis Zee bi-plane fluoroscopic imaging system and partnered with a team of board-certified neuro-interventional physicians, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to provide patients with access to advanced neuroendovascular care, right here in the Utica region.

The bi-plane angiography unit provides high-resolution images enabling physicians to see tiny blood vessels in great detail. It provides images simultaneously from two regions of the patient’s head, from front to back and side to side and allows physicians to better visualizing 3D arteries and vessels. This can reduce procedure time, in many cases, by as much as half and helps treat complex conditions like brain aneurysms, brain AVMs and carotid stenosis.

Interventional neurologists Yahia Lodi, MD, Varun Reddy, MD, providing services such as:

  • Comprehensive stroke treatment including clot removal
  • Brain aneurysm coiling & stenting
  • Carotid & brain artery stenting
  • Treatment of brain vascular malformation
  • Treatment of acute head & neck bleeding
  • Brain tumor embolization