Our Mission

The mission of the Women’s Giving Circle is to impact our community by creating a substantial pool of funds to effectively invest in projects and unique services that will build and strengthen the care provided at MVHS.

Our Membership

Our members reflect the diversity of our community and represent the grateful patients, residents, physicians, hospital staff and friends of MVHS, including business and community partners. Our collective membership is able to make a real and sustainable impact on health care at MVHS and members play an active role in helping to determine where contributions can have the most positive impact.

Our Connection

Our Women’s Giving Circle gathers times a year, once in the fall, winter and spring. Throughout the course of the year members receive information on a project for MVHS, invest in the project and we celebrate our success. At our spring meeting members have the opportunity to invite friends to join our Circle. As part of membership, attendance at Circle activities is complimentary. There is no additional cost to attend each of the events once we receive your annual membership.

Become a Circle Member

We invite all women who want to make a difference to the health care in our community to join. You will be welcomed by other dynamic women who share a common interest in learning about and determining funding for projects and programs at MVHS. 

  • All members make an annual contribution of $250.
  • Membership contributions are awarded to programs the group collectively chooses to fund. 
  • Each member has an equal vote in determining how Women’s Giving Circle funds will be allocated.
  • Click here to become a member online. A printable form is located in the “Resources” area of this page.

Learn More

To learn more about this exciting group of women and their goals for contributing to a stronger MVHS and healthier community, please contact Michele Adams in the MVHS Foundation at 315-624-5606.