Christopher Emerson, PA

Christopher Emerson, PA

This Provider is Accepting New Patients

Christopher Emerson, PA, has joined Upstate Urology at MVHS as a physician assistant with a focus on male sexual health.

Emerson attended the Physician Assistant Program at the Academy of Health Sciences of the U.S. Army in San Antonio, Texas. He also took a U.S. Army Flight Surgeon Course and a U.S. Army Medical Officer Advanced Course.

Prior to joining MVHS, Emerson served as a U.S. Army medic, medical officer, physician assistant, and flight surgeon over the span of a 24-year-long military career. He has more than forty years of experience.

Emerson is accepting new patients at Upstate Urology at MVHS, located at 1676 Sunset Avenue in Utica, New York. He can be reached at 315-624-5252.