Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) has temporarily paused open heart surgeries at the Wynn Hospital. All other cardiac services and procedures at the Wynn Hospital remain open and will continue to operate as they have been. This includes stents, angioplasties, cardiac catheterizations and minimally invasive cardiac procedures. Thoracic surgeries will also continue as they have been. 

The community should continue to look to the Wynn Hospital for all cardiac treatment – especially for time-sensitive issues such as heart attacks. Nearly all heart attacks can be treated with procedures being performed at the Wynn. If a patient presents with a case so severe it requires open heart surgery, the staff at the Wynn are fully capable to stabilize the patient and safely transfer them to a higher level of care. These cases are very rare.

Quality of care and patient safety are the top priorities for MVHS and our flagship Wynn Hospital. MVHS leadership, Medical Staff and Board of Directors have been looking into the strength and quality of open heart surgery at the Wynn Hospital. The NYS Department of Health, during a site survey this week, also expressed concerns about the open heart surgery program. An external organization is being brought on by MVHS to conduct a review aimed at strengthening the service and reopening as quickly as possible.

MVHS is working with collaborating facilities in the region to ensure that appropriate care is available for all patients requiring open heart services.