Last year, the two Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) hospitals generated $1 billion in economic activity in the region, according to an analysis conducted by the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS).

“The MVHS hospitals, and now the new Wynn Hospital not only provides medical care to the community,” said Darlene Stromstad, FACHE, MVHS president/CEO. “It also bolsters the economic health of the region. In fact, MVHS is one of the top private sector employers in the county, but our contributions extend far beyond our role as employer.”

The HANYS analysis also shows that the MVHS hospitals (now the Wynn Hospital):

  • Generated 5,400 jobs as a result of MVHS employees purchasing goods and services locally.
  • Expended $298 million in payroll to compensate MVHS employees.
  • Generated $119 million in tax dollars by MVHS spending and payroll.

“There are numerous clinical professionals – such as nurses, physicians, techs and therapists – at MVHS and we also employ individuals in information technology, human resources, environmental services and many other roles,” said Stromstad. “The purchasing power of our nearly 3,600 employees (3,400 full time employees) supports local restaurants and coffee shops, neighborhood supermarkets, retailers and service providers throughout the community.”

The HANYS’ Economic & Community Benefit report also shows that the organization invested $99 million in community initiatives, which include subsidizing care and services to those in need and supporting, with both financial and human resources, community health improvement activities.

“We’re proud to develop and partner in initiatives to keep our community healthy and improve the quality of life.” Stromstad said. “MVHS provides high-quality, excellent clinical care to thousands of people each year, with 496,000 outpatient visits, 74,000 treated in the Emergency Room, 20,000 admitted to the hospital and 1,200 babies delivered. And, our organization is a major driver for our local economy.

“The Wynn Hospital is changing healthcare in our region, expanding the role MVHS plays in our community’s health and well-being and strengthening the contributions we make to the local and state economy,” concluded Stromstad.

The HANYS’ analysis examined the economic activity and community benefits of New York State hospitals and reports are available at the statewide, regional, legislative district and hospital- and system-specific levels. These reports are available here.

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