The Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) today announced that it will be closing its Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) program as of this Friday, June 7, 2024.

The program reopened in June 2023 following its shut down during COVID. Since that time, patient demand for these services is not great as it was prior to COVID and there have also been staffing challenges. This led to the decision to close the program.

The staff have worked with each of the registrants to ensure they have a safe plan in place after the close. They have:

  • Notified the registrants’ care team. Primary care provider, insurance company and care/case manager (if they have one) have been notified.
  • Provided a list of resources. Staff provided a list of community resources in Oneida County that includes other medical day programs, transportation providers and other programs available to help.
  • Helped with the transition. ADHC staff met with the registrants and their caregivers to create a transition plan.
  • Assisted in the transfer. Staff helped registrants transfer to another medical day program if desired and provide them with any needed information to help make the transition in care as easy as possible.