This week, Cardiologist Faisal Saiful, MD, performed the first MitraClip procedure at MVHS!

MitraClip is a procedure to repair a “leaky mitral valve” (mitral regurgitation), which can negatively impact a patient’s quality of life. MitraClip uses a thin tube (called a catheter) that is guided through a vein in the patient’s leg to reach the heart. A small implanted clip – smaller than a dime – is attached to the mitral valve to help it close more completely. This helps to restore normal blood flow through the heart.

Unlike surgery, the MitraClip procedure does not require opening the chest and temporarily stopping the heart. Most patients experience improvement in their leaky valve-related symptoms and quality of life soon after the procedure. And, patients have had less risk of mortality, had fewer hospitalizations and felt much better than with just medication.

This is yet another innovation to complement our comprehensive cardiac services at MVHS! Great work by our talented and award-winning Cardiac Services team.