Spiritual Care

We are spiritual as well as physical beings.

Patients, their loved ones and staff who care for them have spiritual needs and benefit by expressing their thoughts, feeling and concerns.

We care.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is open 24 hours a day for personal prayer and meditation. It is located on the first floor between main entrance and Emergency Department. Prayer requests can be left in the chapel at any time. Our Spiritual team is collecting them, offering special prayers every morning for all intentions requested in Sanctuary.

Your Hospital Chaplain

Our chaplains offer spiritual care to all who are in need The are theologically trained to;

  • Respect for patients’ spiritual or religious preferences
  • Understanding of the impact of illness on individuals and caregivers
  • Be accountable as part of professional patient care team

Our Care

  • Patient visitation
  • Mindful listening
  • Prayer at your request
  • Baptism, emergent
  • Sacrament of the Sick (Holy Anointing)
  • Confession
  • Communion/Eucharist
  • Blessings Advocacy
  • To help answer your spiritual questions
  • Supply sacred texts, or holy writings from your faith traditions
  • Assist and contacting religious leaders from your faith preferences
  • To help meet specific faith or spiritual need