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Medical Records

How can I view my medical records?

You may view your medical records during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm, by making an appointment with the Health Information Management (HIM) department at the St. Luke’s Campus, 1656 Champlin Avenue, Utica, New York or the St. Elizabeth Campus, 2209 Genesee Street, Utica, NY 13501.

How do I get copies of my medical records?

Patients can have direct access to some medical information like test results, appointment information, medications, immunizations and more through our Epic MyChart Application.

If you want to obtain copies of records not available through MyChart, or choose not to utilize the application, MVHS requires a request in writing and records can be obtained within 10 days of receipt. Please access our Patient Access Request form for more information.

Is there a fee for copies of my records?

If you, the patient/patient representative, request medical record copies through the Health Information Management Department a nominal fee will be charged to cover the labor, supplies, and shipping involved. No fees apply if a patient requests that medical records to be sent directly to another health care provider for continuity of care.

How can I amend my medical records?

Patient's have a right to request an amendment of documentation in their medical record if they feel it is inaccurate. An amendment will not delete any documentation contained within the record, but if the author of the documentation agrees to the amendment request, they can amend the document to include clarifying statements. If you choose to submit a request for an amendment you will need to complete the Patient Request for Amendment of Records form and submit it to one of the addressed below. It may take up to 60 days to respond to your request and in some cases an extension may be needed.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Health Information Management Department
2209 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13501


Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare
Health Information Management Department
1656 Champlin Ave
Utica, NY 13502

Click Here For The  Patient Request for Amendment of Records Form


If you need help or have any questions about your medical records, please contact the Health Information Management Department at:

Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare (FSLH) Records


St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC) Records


(See our Provider List to determine if your Medical Group office is an FSLH or SEMC affiliated location.)