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Pocket Guide on Consumer Reports & Hospital Safety

Cover - Consumer Reports Pocket Guide

Providing high quality, safe patient care is the mission of Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSLH) and St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC).

The Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) is committed to using information provided through a variety of internal and external sources to help examine and continually improve our quality of care and patient safety.

Quality and safety reports are available to help patients make educated choices for their care and assist providers in improving care. The information generated by the reports should be based on a standard set of measures that have been proven to be valid, reliable and evidence-based. However, the nature by which the data is reported means that by the time consumer reports and public report cards are complete, as many as 12 months or more have elapsed since the data was collected. During that time hospitals have reviewed the data and, when appropriate, engage in aggressive quality improvement initiatives.

The Q&As in this guide were developed to help you understand how the data is collected, what are the best resources available and what MVHS is doing to continually improve the quality of care in our hospitals.