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Keep a list of your MEDS

Keep a list of your MEDS

Manage a list of medications that stays with you at all times.
Educate yourself and your family about your meds.
Dosage is important.
Stay up to date on your meds as they change or are adjusted.

The MVHS Medication Reconciliation Quality Improvement Team has developed an easy-to-remember acronym to support this effort: Keep a list of your MEDS. MEDS stands for Manage, Educate, Dosage and Stay up-to-date with medications and medical history.

More tips for staying on top of your MEDS:

  • Ask your pharmacist to provide you with an updated list of your medications.

  • Check your phone for free apps that keep track of your 
    medications and medical history.

  • Visit your patient portal to access a list of your medications and important medical information. 

Why it's important

Throughout the nation, healthcare providers and organizations are exploring ways to reduce the risk of harm by engaging communities in a more direct way with the delivery of their care. MVHS began the Medication Reconciliation Campaign in order to reduce and prevent medication errors. This process depends heavily on the patient knowing what medications they are currently taking as well as their frequency and dosage.