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Logo Usage

The visual identity for Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) is an integral part of our healthcare center's presence in the community. How we visually portray ourselves expresses who we are. Please help us put our best foot forward by following the guidelines listed below.


When using our logo, please follow our brand summary and identity guidelines. Please do not alter the MVHS logo in any way:

  • Do not display the logo in any color other than full color file provided below, 100% white or 100% black.
  • Do not frame the logo with any type of border.
  • Do not distort the logo by stretching it when resizing.
  • Do not combine the logo with other graphic elements.

Logo Requests

To request our logo to use with press releases, news spots, or on your website to link back to our website, please contact our Graphic Designer at 315-624-5603.