When you see or hear of a violation of the Code of Conduct, you should speak with your supervisor or the supervisor of that area. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your concerns or are dissatisfied with his or her response, there are other options. You should speak with the next level of management or a senior leader about your concerns. You may also speak to the MVHS Corporate Compliance Officer. If at any time you wish to remain anonymous when reporting an alleged violation, you may call the MVHS Compliance AlertLine at 1-800-954-9418.

The MVHS AlertLine is a confidential way to report any work related activity that may not live up to our values, business practice policies, the law, or regulations and standards set forth by government and accrediting agencies. Your confidential call to the AlertLine, and the investigative actions that follow, can reduce work related incidents. It improves our work environment and assists in reducing risk of government investigations and enforcement actions. Workforce policies prohibit retaliation or intimidation of any kind against an individual who chooses to exercise his or her right to report suspected violations.

Participating in an effective Compliance Program opens lines of communication designed to keep patients and our workforce safe, helps us eliminate fraud and abuse, fosters an ethical culture and improves organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

We are all responsible for following a moral and ethical code of conduct and that helps us to ensure safe, quality care of our patients, residents and each other.

MVHS AlertLine Brochure