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Ribbon Dedication

Click the ribbon of your choice, then drag and place it on the wall to dedicate it to someone who has been affected by cancer.

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Dedicate a Ribbon for Someone You Love

Do you know someone who is battling or has battled cancer? Help spread awareness, hope and remembrance by clicking on a ribbon and placing it on the wall and share your message on your social media to let others know that they can dedicate a ribbon for someone they love too.

In Honor of: Jodi S.
Fought a great fight and you won! So happy you're still with us. Love you to pieces!
- Sandra W.
In Honor of: Mary B.
Cancer reared its ugly head and you beat it down, twice! Love you to the moon and back
- Sandra W.
In Honor of: Tonia W.
Love and miss you Aunt Tonia !
- Cory C.
In Honor of: Beatrice W.
In memory of my Mom who left us all to early
- Elizabeth K.
In Honor of: Kathryn P.
In honor of my beautiful Aunt, very proud of you an will always respect what you went through. Your a true survivor!
- Stephanie M.
In Honor of: Joan W.
My grandmother beat breast cancer! I love you my Nana!
- Katelynn T.
In Honor of: Robert O.
You never gave up, and now you're a survivor!
- Kimberly C.
In Honor of: Theoryn D.
Theoryn, you are the strongest kid I know. Being a childhood cancer survivor has made you resilient and powerful. You inspire me everyday to be a better person. Love you tons!
- Jennifer D.
In Honor of: Kimberly C.
We all miss you every day
- Robert C.
In Honor of: Danyelle B.
Your a very strong woman and with the power of god you did it
- Shari M.
In Honor of: Mae Z.
We love you and are so proud of you.
- Nicole C.
In Honor of: My niece Kiany
You lost your battle here on earth, but heaven received the best of angels. We will see each other one day again :)
- Tamara
In Honor of: Murphy W. my step father, lost his battle.
He fought so hard for many years! I love you & miss you dearly!!
- Bonita S.
In Honor of: Becky H.
- Kathleen
In Honor of: Melissa O.
You are one of the strongest women I know. Love ya!
- Theresa
In Honor of: Jimmy C.
- Jenna C.
In Honor of: My mother
Though you lost your breast cancer fight years ago, I still remember how strong you were throughtout it all. You are my hero!
- Tamara
In Honor of: Zeus R.
- Jazmyn R.
In Honor of: Tracy B.
Tracy, sorry that you had to go through all that you did, but glad you are going to be ok.
- Tina B.
In Honor of: Karla L.
In memory of my mom! Love and miss you
- Casie L.
In Honor of: Tara E.
Thank you for keeping me focused on how I wanted to show up through this whole experience and participating in the indecent humor!! You're the best!
- Erin A.
In Honor of: Marilyn L.
Love you always Mom.
- Kayla L.
In Honor of: Mary Z. and Sophie Z.
We are so proud of you and we love you.
- Nicole C.
In Honor of: Margaret M.
I love you and miss you every second of every day mom you fought hard eveyday from your breast cancer diagnosis 20 years ago up until your last breath 2 years ago when it came back and took you from me. We will never stop searching for a cure !
- Julia M.
In Honor of: Herika M., best friend ever
Best friend ever, I can't believe I have made it without you for so long. I am sure other angels have already encounter your contagious laughter a blessing. Love you!
- Tamara
In Honor of: Scott M.
3 Years of strength
- Wendy M.
In Honor of: McKenzie F.
You are the strongest warrior that I know McKenzie! Keep doing exacly what you are doing!
- Erin A.
In Honor of: Jessica G.
You are a warrior!!!
- Jeanette G.
In Honor of: Vesna K.
A good woman who died to young due to breast cancer
- Renato O.
In Honor of: All Families Affected by this Disease
- Sharon
In Honor of: Jim C.
- Tina C.
In Honor of: Donna H.
Congratulations Aunt Donna you kicked cancers butt❤
- Donna S.
In Honor of: Melissa P.
- Tina C.
In Honor of: Sandy P.
One Day at a time, You got this!
- Susan K.
In Honor of: Robert O.
You never gave up, and now you're a survivor!
- Kimberly C.
In Honor of: Pam E. my sister, she is a survior!!!
I love you sis, you're the best!!
- Bonita S.
In Honor of: Mary A.
Love never dies
- Rochelle C.
In Honor of: My Husband
Newly diagnoses lung cancer, you got this!
- Elizabeth W.
In Honor of: Benjamin O.
In loving Memory of my Poppy
- Leighan
In Honor of: Jack K.
for my grandpa during his courageous fight
- Leighan
In Honor of: Dawn F.
- Kristine S.
In Honor of: Barbara M.
You were taken away much too soon and we miss you every single day
- Deborah M.